Nationwide Installs

Do you have products that you manufacture, sell, or distribute and they need to be installed all over the Country? A lot of companies think locally because they only know how to get their IT equipment installed close to home. What about if you could have your products installed anywhere in the Country and never leave your office!  This is what we do.

When you partner with us you will have added an additional department to your company without spending any money. You will have immediately opened up the whole United States as a potential client.

The beauty of what we do is that your clients won’t know the difference between us and you. We can describe ourselves as your National Installation Team when speaking with the EU to set up the install, send confirmation emails with your logo, even wear your shirts while installing on site.

We have installed all types of IT products from Flat Screen TV’s to Video Cameras to check scanners and routers. We don’t know it all and we haven’t seen it all but when you partner with us we will learn your product inside and out. Many times because we are in the field doing the actual installs we learn things about the products and are able to pass this information back to you in a continual effort to increase customer satisfaction.

There are natural concerns with this type of partnership about how we will communicate with your clients, how we will communicate with your company, how detailed we will be while installing your products and more. These areas are where we excel. Our communication and work in a single word is PROFESSIONAL! When we communicate with your client we speak with them as if they are our clients, which we believe they are. We also understand that keeping you updated on all the aspects of the installation is vitally important. Your success is our success!

So if you have an IT product that you want to distribute all over the Country or your product has taken a big jump in sales and you need help getting it installed we want to partner with you.