Cloud Based Camera Systems:

Modern video security without the complexity

Straightforward enterprise-grade video security. No device software to deal with. No difficult configurations required. Simple to deploy, manage and use every day.
Manage all cameras and locations from one console
Review footage remotely and investigate events in seconds
Receive alerts in real-time on any device

The best in video security technology to improve physical security across all locations

  • Industry-leading, live video streams (sub-one second)
  • Open integrations with leading enterprise solutions
  • Best-in-class bandwidth footprint (as low as 10 Kbps per camera)
  • Floor plans to precisely place and view all devices
  • Offline, local area streaming via the Rhombus mobile app
  • Facial and license plate recognition with real-time alerts
Our team provides outstanding video surveillance products and installation services with
great quality. When security needs are higher, our technology allows the ability to
provide cloud backup video recording. With our service, our
clients can easily link different combinations of cameras and locations to form
viewing groups that are aligned with their specific needs.
Give yourself that peace of mind knowing that you can check on your property anytime with just one click.  Detect any actions and movements around and within your property whenever you desire and have the ability to replay the recorded videos and footages whenever you want or need to.  Keep an eye on just about anything!