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Custom Engineering Services

There is a lot that goes into putting a smooth operating physical security system in place.  Our team of experienced professionals provides high-quality solutions for all types of projects, from designing and building new systems to improving and maintaining existing ones. Our services include project management, cabling, POE switches, networking equipment, testing, & support.

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Site Survey

Virtual Site Survey- Everyone wants to save time and so do we. We have implemented a virtual site survey process that saves time and money. A good VSS can answer 90% of all questions. In the instances where a more detailed look is needed we can arrange for an On-Prem Site Survey.

System Design

We can help design efficient and state-of-the-art wired/wireless networks and security systems. IT Installs will work directly with your IT personnel through the full network and system design lifecycle to provide you with a streamlined process to lessen administrative overhead. This single vendor model allows your company to save time and money. Our design process involves blending the client’s physical security needs with the best technology available. Following the analysis, we will utilize our System Surveyor software to create a layout which can be used to coordinate the installation and the customers desired locations of the security devices.

As-Built Docs

As-Built Documents are an important part of most projects allowing the project owner to ensure that the infrastructure installed was done to specification and any subsequent approved changes were documented properly. These types of documents can also be used as reference documentation during future maintenance of a facility. As-Built Documents are a significant aid for any renovations or additions made in the future and having proper documentation can assist in saving time and money. While providing As-Built Documents isn’t always a requirement on projects it can provide an excellent tool to match drawings to reference numbers and to the actual install of a cable or a camera or on the patch panel at the Demarc.

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Why IT Installs?

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction in any business is what makes or breaks a company. IT Installs was incorporated in January of 2000 which, on many levels, proves the customer satisfaction. We go the extra mile to understand our clients' needs and deliver exceptional service that exceeds expectations.


IT Installs prides itself on clear and concise communication throughout the entire project process, providing clients with regular updates and transparency of everything that is happening in the field. Open communication and feedback-driven improvements are at the core of our approach.

Industry Experts

With years of experience and a team of certified professionals, IT Installs provides reliable and trustworthy services for all your security and installation needs.


With years of experience and a proven track record of successful installations, IT Installs is a reliable and consistent partner that businesses can trust for their security and installation needs.