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Video Security

Video cameras have helped security teams protect commercial properties from forced-entry, theft, arson, vandalism and loitering for years. Most existing video camera systems are used strictly for historical documentation to determine “What happened?” after an incident is reported. For real-time security alerts, larger organizations have invested in “monitored” video surveillance systems – which require an internal Security Command Center to watch the camera feeds.  But now, this capability is affordable for organizations of all sizes.  Using our high-definition video cameras you can better protect your property, employees and visitors.  Once the video camera infrastructure is in place, you can add incremental virtual services to make your property even safer.

Keep Your Business Safe and Secure

Cameras are at the core of any security system and provide business owners and managers with visual verification of everything and anything. Things like facial recognition, license plate recognition, motion alerts, building entrance, slip and fall, theft, staff and visitor safety and security. Give yourself and your team Peace of Mind knowing that you can check on your property anytime with just one click. Detect any actions and movements around and within your property whenever you desire and have the ability to replay the recorded videos and footage whenever, wherever, and for whomever.


Minimal bandwidth

AI-based analytics

Secure access

Advanced search

Automatic updates

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Business Surveillance:
A Combination of Security and Technology

We are now living in an era of new technological advancement. Most of our needs, be it in clothing, communication or education, were addressed by technology. One of these needs is the need for security. Our security nowadays is really at stake, especially for business establishments. Moreover, technological advancement has allowed the world of video security and surveillance to become easy, effective and economical.

Scalability w/ Single Pane of Glass

Now you can manage unlimited devices, unlimited locations, and have an infinite number of users with ease from a single dashboard. You can allow user to have access to all the sites, only the sites they manage, or even particular cameras at sites. Bring footage across all sites into one dashboard and grant secure access to your entire team.

Minimal Bandwidth

Video camera technologies are constantly evolving and changing. Today’s cameras retain footage locally and send encrypted thumbnails to the cloud - only streaming when actively viewed. This greatly reduces the network bandwidth needed for video footage. If this technology is not deployed correctly it only takes a few cameras on your network to bring your network to turtle speed.


AI-Based Video Analytics

Proactively detect threats with AI. Facial detection creates an ongoing log of faces. LPR solutions monitor license plates in real-time.


Secure Remote Access

Feel secure with the ability to limit system access. Only invited members with login credentials are allowed. Multi-factor authentication enhances login security.


Advanced Search Features

Easily investigate and filter specific incidents. Edge-based processing and computer vision technology capture faces and license plate numbers.


Automatic Updates

Stay ahead with ongoing feature and security updates. Cloud-based cameras offer automatic firmware updates to keep your system up-to-date.

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Customer satisfaction in any business is what makes or breaks a company. IT Installs was incorporated in January of 2000 which, on many levels, proves the customer satisfaction. We go the extra mile to understand our clients' needs and deliver exceptional service that exceeds expectations.


IT Installs prides itself on clear and concise communication throughout the entire project process, providing clients with regular updates and transparency of everything that is happening in the field. Open communication and feedback-driven improvements are at the core of our approach.

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With years of experience and a team of certified professionals, IT Installs provides reliable and trustworthy services for all your security and installation needs.


With years of experience and a proven track record of successful installations, IT Installs is a reliable and consistent partner that businesses can trust for their security and installation needs.